About Ztecture PC:

Ztecture PC is an exciting young firm founded in 1996 by Stephen H. Zwick AIA.

Though the firm maintains a diversified practice, the firm specializes in food service and entertainment related projects. The places where people gather (bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues) are the firm’s forte.

Design Approach & Philosophy:

Ztecture understands that start-up costs are high, and profit margins are slim in the food service industry. So Ztecture tries hard to maximize efficiencies and effects while minimizing costs. Ztecture adds value by enhancing the dining experience.

So why invest any more money in architectural, interior, and food equipment design fees? Good to great service, food product, and managment in the right location may insure success, however, good to great design can elevate simply eating out into a dining experience. Patrons pay more for that experience. The same hamburger with fries at a quick serve for five dollars can sell for ten dollars with guacamole in a casual concept and for sixteen dollars with shitake mushrooms in an even more upscale environment. Dressing up the environment as well as the food increases the perception of value.

Well designed and functional decor paired with well planned economically designed backs of house are key ingredients in increasing check averages. Ztecture understands this relationship, and the architectural, interior and food equipment design that Ztecture provides is part of the recipe for both new and established concepts in expected and unexpected places.

From working closely with large food service companies, Ztecture has learned how to maximize dollars invested in areas of a quick serve, restaurant or bar that generate revenues. Want a great food display, or increase liquor sales? Then let Ztecture design your counter, bar and back bars that highlight food and liquor with integrated food display cases, audiovisual, draft, and wine equipment that hold customers and increase profits.

From working in restrictive areas with limited foot prints, Ztecture has learned how to maximize every square inch of kitchen, prep, and bar areas by using equipment that can serve multiple functions and by locating equipment to minimize travel distances.

From doing both front of house architecture/interior design and back of house food equipment design, Ztecture can also turn your project around faster by streamlining coordination, expediting licensing/permits, and procurring materials/furniture/equipment with long lead times. The faster and better coordinated the project's construction documents, the faster construction will be completed, the fewer unanticipated issues arise during construction, and the faster the doors will be open and revenues generated

Designing an open kitchen? Ztecture's ability to do both front of house and back of house design results in functional and dramatic well integrated display areas reinforcing freshness and quality of food product.

Ztecture's focus and experience in various sectors of food service design will simplify the build out procees, minimize uncertainties, and enhance sales.

Ztecture provides a variety of design and stylistic solutions. Each project is evaluated on its own terms. This evaluation process begins with listening intently to clients’ needs, desires, likes, dislikes and goals. Since Ztecture provides services for architecture, interiors and equipment selection, during this evaluation, we focus in on the interrelated areas of aesthetics, operations, equipment, and code compliance.

Our ultimate goal is to create designs that a client and his/her clientele connect with on practical and emotional levels. Ztecture does this by expounding upon a client’s ideas, and then providing solutions beyond what a client imagined.

After a project’s scope is defined, and initial design strategies are determined, we involve a client in every stage of a project’s development from the material, furniture and equipment selection through documentation and construction. As part of this process, we make the client aware of the functional, aesthetic and cost ramifications of decisions.

Furthermore, we fully realize that a space isn’t that attractive if it can’t be run properly and doesn’t generate revenues. So Ztecture poses numerous questions to understand, clarify, and reaffirm exactly what a client wants his/her design to look like, and how a client wants his/her business to be run. By engaging a client and his/her personal in a constant give and take, Ztecture creates spaces that are both exceptionally attractive, and function properly.